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The expert team at Ametras has been crafting digital solutions for costly paper-driven business processes for over 20 years in USA and Germany. Specializing in Document Management, Digital Archive, OCR/ICR Data Extraction and powerful electronic workflows, Ametras has the solutions you need to propel your business forward.


Paperless office

The daily business routine is hardly conceivable without electronic documents. Documents are usually electronically generated from various systems (e-mail, financial accounting, ERP, MS Office) and it is necessary to bring order to this flood of information. This is exactly where the electronic document management becomes effective. Ametras helps customers to successfully implement document management systems, digital archiving and workflow management.

Automatic data processing

We offer solutions to reduce process costs and accelerate business processes. Modular and upgradeable up to an e-mail box solution, the solution is suitable for every size of company. The detection ranges from text, both handwritten and typed characters, to barcodes, to checkboxes, to tables. Virtually any form of data found on a document can be detected.

Manual data collection

Whether you want to collect invoices, order confirmations, purchase orders or other documents with us, we guarantee the highest quality of data by our trained staff. We are guided by the highest standards in the field of process optimization and quality management - and by your individual needs and technical requirements.

Software development

Ametras has been providing software & application development, testing and EDI outsourcing services for global leaders. Our resources can be used over an extended period of time as a predictable, low-cost extension of customer’s development team. Our developer´s work in teams (3-8) and use the SCRUM method to manage and perform complex work.


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